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First thing First

Hi everyone. My name is Harold Donnel Tampubolon. in short, you could call me Harold. this is my new website, truly new. never worked this before personally and its challenging. I'm an experienced in sales and marketing and here's my first story about it. Enjoy.

First of all, allow me to give you a shot why this happened. Why i have to created my own website? The answer is, this is one of the stages of my life that I've been thought from college student. in short, i want to be an automotive sales and marketing expert in the future, so this website is one of the small step to achieve that.

According to be an automotive sales and marketing expert, you might guess what is i love the most in professional way. Yes, there are 2 things in professional way i love the most. number one is sales and marketing, number two is automotive. I love sales and marketing because of i like to understand people, understand the way of their thinking, the motives and everything that they did before they act. somehow, the way they think and act are the reason why people consume something. That's why, in term of delivering something to people, we need to understand them first.

Second one, the automotive. I know i love automotive since junior high. i love to drive a car at the moment, i felt like a mature man when drive a car. From that day, i realize, i would like to know more and more about car.

There's one experience that made cars and sales marketing together made me interest. here's the story. once upon a time, when i was kid (around 1st grade junior high school) my father would like to look a new car for our family. so, we go to the nearest dealers. at that time, Since we went to that dealers at Saturday morning, our outfit was not too appropriate. still use our pajamas. unfortunately due to our outfit no one at the dealers notice and serve us well. no welcome greeting, the sales counter chat with their peers and no one greet us. in a moment, due to our needs to know better about the cars my dad go to the counter and ask more. The sales counter, explain it reluctantly. After several question from my father, then he decided to bought it at that time. The sales counter was shocked for my dad gesture and start to ask politely payment preferences, cash or credit. My dad answer cash, and will transfer the funds in no time. and in few moment later, we successfully bought a new car.

after that visit, my dad said to me. Son, please use that experience for your future life. never judge a book by its cover. i choose not to be offended by the sales counter gesture to give you a lesson. please be respect to each others no matter what your or others people position. be kind, be polite. because your attitude determine your latitude.

That day, i learned a lot from my dad. Not only about good life experience but also about sales/marketing approach. At that moment, i wonder why the sales counter is not acting professionally? what is his motives? what is the reason? my mind full of question and i'm very curious about her answer. i will share the answer of my questions on my next writing.

Since then, me and sales marketing automotive have become two inseparable things. I become more curious about that two things in the future. i consume a lot of automotive magazine and visited Indonesia motor show to keep me updated.

This introductory story is my "First thing First" of my professional life stage. what's yours? you could comment below. Enjoy.

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